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Dr. Rustin Levy

What does a periodontist do?

Your dentist and hygienist help you maintain healthy gums with routine dental cleanings every six months. However, once gum disease advances to a certain stage, they may refer you to a periodontist in Washington, DC like Dr. Levy.

Periodontology is a specialty area that deals with the structures that support your teeth and the diseases that affect them, as well as dental implant placement. Additionally, Dr. Levy is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, a distinction awarded to periodontists who make significant achievements beyond the mandatory educational requirements for the specialty.

For this reason, Dr. Levy is able to offer advanced gum disease treatment that many dentists can’t, such as periodontal pocket reduction surgery. A periodontist also specializes in dental implants and performs bone grafting and sinus augmentation procedures in preparation for implants. Because the look of your smile is important, Dr. Levy also offers cosmetic gum surgery, including soft tissue grafts for gum recession, gingival recontouring, and treatment for "gummy" smiles.

It is common to have concerns if you have been referred to a periodontist. What's going to happen? Will you need gum surgery? If you do, will it hurt? These questions tell us that it's the fear of the unknown that produces the most anxiety.

Here at Advanced Periodontics of Washington, we are sensitive to these concerns. We address any fears by explaining what you can expect during the procedure and answering all your questions. You will find that Dr. Levy and his team are compassionate and caring and make your comfort a priority.

You don't need a referral to see our periodontist, so you can call us directly at (202) 524-4863 to schedule an appointment. We are also pleased to serve patients in Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Arlington, and Alexandria. 

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