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We provide a variety of comprehensive services to fit your needs. See a complete list of our services and additional information below.
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Whether you have contacted us directly or come to us through a referral from your dentist, you will find that we offer periodontics, including advanced gum treatments and comprehensive implant dentistry. Dr. Rustin Levy offers all the periodontal services you need to improve and protect your gum health, which also safeguards your general health and well-being.

A Periodontist Who Cares

Dr. Levy is a highly-trained and experienced periodontist in Washington, DC who cares deeply about his patients’ comfort and well-being while they are with us. He understands that, for many people, seeing a specialist can stir up anxious feelings, and we want you to know we are here to help you.

We welcome and encourage your questions because we want you to feel confident and comfortable with the direction of your treatment. Often, it’s the fear of the unknown that produces the most anxiety.

Rest assured, we will explain clearly what your procedure involves so you know what to expect. Our patients are often surprised by how much this communication helps soothe any anxious feelings they have.

For your further comfort, Dr. Levy will be happy to talk to you about prescribing a calming medication to help you remain comfortable and relaxed during your appointment.

Advanced Periodontal Treatment

There are several reasons why your dentist might refer you to a periodontist in Washington like Dr. Levy. Most commonly, we see patients who have an advanced form of gum disease called periodontitis. We will tailor your treatment according to your needs, and we may recommend a specialized deep cleaning or gum surgery.

Cosmetic Gum Sculpturing 

Many of our patients come to us because they are concerned about correcting aesthetic flaws that are the result of gum recession. To address this, Dr. Levy may recommend soft tissue grafts or gingival (gum) recontouring. He also offers crown lengthening to improve the appearance of "gummy" smiles.

Complete Implant Dentistry

Dr. Levy has advanced training in implant dentistry and offers his Washington patients all the services they need to get and maintain a dental implant. At Advanced Periodontics, this includes virtual implant planning using digital scanning and 3-D cone beam imaging technology for optimal placement of your implant.

If you have been told you lack sufficient bone in your jaw to get an implant placed, don’t give up hope! Dr. Levy will evaluate your needs to see if you are a good candidate for a bone grafting procedure or a sinus lift. Both can make it possible for you to get a dental implant in the future.

We Offer Second Opinions

Have you been given a treatment plan for periodontal treatment or implant dentistry and want a second opinion? Dr. Levy will be happy to meet with you to review your needs and your treatment plan and let you know what he finds.

You Don’t Need a Referral!

We see patients all the time who come to us directly seeking periodontal treatment or who are interested in dental implant placement. Many are referrals, but many are not, so please don’t hesitate to our Washington periodontist, and he will make sure you get the treatment you need.

In addition to the Washington, DC community, we also serve residents in the surrounding areas of Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Arlington, Alexandria, and beyond.

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