Dental Implant Placement

As a periodontist, Dr. Rustin Levy specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating gum disease and dental implant placement. His years of specialized training and experience make him the right choice when you decide to invest in your long-term oral health with dental implants.

Dental implants are the healthiest, most natural tooth replacement available. They mimic the function of a real tooth, and Dr. Levy recommends them because they help keep your jawbone strong and healthy.

Our patients at Advanced Periodontics of Washington choose implants because the result is a replacement tooth that allows them to speak, eat, chew comfortably, and smile with confidence again.

Are You a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

The first step is for Dr. Levy to conduct a comprehensive evaluation at our Washington, DC practice to confirm that you are a good dental implant candidate. We will take digital x-rays, digital impressions, and 3-D images of your teeth and jaw using cone beam imaging technology.

Since your dental implant will be held in place by bone in your jaw, Dr. Levy needs to determine if there’s sufficient dense bone into which he can place the implant. We plan your implant placement digitally on a computer with you, so you understand what is happening and what to expect. When we agree on the treatment plan, we will schedule your dental implant surgery.

If you don’t have enough bone, all is not lost, however! As a periodontist who specializes in implant dentistry, Dr. Levy can perform bone grafting and sinus augmentation procedures so you can get an implant in the future.

Placing Your Dental Implant

A dental implant consists of three pieces: the titanium implant post, an abutment, and a dental restoration.

On the day of your implant surgery, Dr. Levy will have already identified the precise depth and position to place the titanium post. Pre-planning streamlines the procedure because there’s no guesswork, and optimal placement will also yield the best long-term results.

Because there are no surprises, implant surgery is typically straightforward and efficient. Most of our patients report little discomfort during and after implant surgery.

Healing and Restoration of Your Implant

The next phase involves waiting for the implant post to heal and integrate with bone and tissue around it. This process is called osseointegration and can take several months to complete, but be patient! The reward is a beautiful replacement tooth that can give you a lifetime of use if cared for properly.

After healing, you will return to see Dr. Levy so he can uncover the implant and attach the healing abutment. This part will begin to create a space for your new tooth. Once this area has healed, your regular dentist will proceed with making your new implant restoration.


Trust an Experienced Periodontist in Washington, DC

We know that any oral surgery can cause some anxiety, but you couldn’t be in any better hands than you are at Advanced Periodontics. Dr. Levy is a Harvard-trained periodontist who is committed to providing exceptional dental care, and he and his team want you to have the most comfortable experience possible.

From the moment you arrive, we put your needs first and do everything we can to ensure a stress-free procedure. If you feel you could use something to help you relax, Dr. Levy will prescribe a calming medication for you to take before your procedure.

You Can Schedule an Appointment Directly

Dr. Levy is a periodontal specialist, but you don’t need a referral. Call us at (202) 524-4863 to get started, and we will be happy to recommend a general dentist who we think would be a good fit for you.