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Dr. Rustin Levy

Do you do maintenance cleanings like my dentist?

Yes, we do. If your dentist has referred you to Dr. Levy for advanced gum disease treatment, they often request that we continue treating you during the maintenance phase. These appointments are similar to the dental cleanings you receive from a hygienist.

Since our periodontist is monitoring you, however, he will also re-examine your periodontal findings to ensure you are in stable conditions. If Dr. Levy detects anything new, he will send his findings in a report to your dentist for further evaluation and treatment if necessary.

Maintenance cleanings at our Washington dental office are crucial and should be viewed as part of your overall treatment plan. Even if your gums look and feel okay, you shouldn’t skip even one of these follow-up maintenance cleanings. You have already taken the important first step of seeking advanced treatment for periodontitis; the last thing you want now is to set back your progress and put your teeth and gums at further risk.

If you are due for a dental cleaning and suspect you have periodontal disease, you are welcome to call Advanced Periodontics of Washington directly. Dr. Levy will be happy to perform a preliminary exam, report the findings back to your dentist, and provide treatment if indicated.

Call us at (202) 524-4863, and a member of our dental team will be happy to assist you.

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