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Are dental implants and gum treatments covered by my insurance?

The amount covered by your insurance for dental implants and gum treatment is determined by your employer's plan. We know that trying to understand your out-of-pocket costs can be confusing, but we are here to help you. Our knowledgeable dental team will work with your insurance company to get as accurate an estimate as possible of what you will pay for dental implants and gum care.

It gets trickier with dental implants because placing them involves several steps. Tooth extraction in preparation for implants is considered a basic procedure, and your insurance plan is likely to cover part of the cost. If you require bone grafting to get the implant, however, some plans will cover it, and others won’t. 

Placing your implant in your jawbone is a major procedure, and some insurances may cover a portion of it. Your implant crown restores function and appearance to your smile, and while some plans cover it as they would a regular crown, others don’t.

Periodontal treatments are also a bit of a grey area because routine teeth cleanings are typically covered, but advanced procedures like gum surgery may or may not be covered.

As you can see, there’s no easy answer, and it all comes back to your insurance carrier. Rest assured that we will review your coverage and ensure you get the maximum benefit you’re entitled to. We also offer CareCredit low-interest and no-interest financing.

If you have questions about your insurance or financing, please call Advanced Periodontics of Washington so we can assist you.

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